Designs are meant to be designed. They should be well thought out.They should be structured. They should be based on formal principles proven in action. When designing your highly technical IT architecture, we apply standard design principles that we’ve
arrived at through experience. We know what works and we’ve proven what doesn’t. That’s the only way you really learn anything. It’s why we insist on being accountable to the process. That ensures the outcomes are always positively predictable.

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We understand that your IT environment is unique to your business systems. Therefore our consultants take a life-cycle approach to consulting and integration services. Utilizing a multi-vendor approach with top tier hardware and support we can address
all of your network elements and needs, such as:


PCI wants to understand not only your network infrastructure and business systems, but your current and future
business goals as well. Our professionals will analyze your business and critical network components, planning for
a simultaneous vision and growth. We will then identify opportunities for your business and network within your strategic partners, suppliers, customers, end-users and offices.


PCI’s professionals will utilize information gained in our assessment in developing an infrastructure strategy. We will define
policies and procedures, governing decisions, actions and implementation. These strategies will help define your unique business systems, network architecture and design.


PCI utilizes your unique business requirements in mapping out your IT strategy. We allow your current and future business needs to dictate the flexibility, scalability, and manageability of your business systems; optimizing your investment.


Now we start to develop specific IT systems definitions that will most benefit your business. Our experienced professionals strictly adhere to industry standards and regulations in making unbiased IT architecture recommendations that address your requirements.


This is where PCI really sets itself apart; we develop a network implementation plan that meets YOUR budget, availability, skills,
and redundancy requirements. Through testing and proof-of-concepts we ensure a smooth implementation with minimal risk. We also provide tactical steps to address immediate network needs and to support vendor alliances. Utilizing this plan, our professionals can then build, install, or upgrade your network with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

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We want to learn about you and your business. The details matter when creating detailed designs.
We go beyond the hardware to ensure you make solid decisions.


When you develop a method for success you stick with it. Our experiences and the relationships
that came with them are valuable to you for that reason. Our solutions solve real problems.


You won’t find any cookie cutters in our toolbox. Your business doesn’t have cookie cutter challenges. Every solution we develop is based on principles, but unique to you.