PCI was recognized at a luncheon recently as a finalist as one of the Healhiest Companies in WNY by Business First. Congratulations to PCI's Wellness Team consisting of Adam Howell, Amber Wolff, Kyle Martin, Tim Martin and Mike Faracca under the leadership and direction of Wendy Voglmayr.

Although PCI did not take the top prize in the small business category, we are proud of the accomplishments and results achieved by the committee since its inception.  Health and Wellness continue to be one of our priorities.  We look forward to the programs and upcoming events that the Team is planning for 2014 - 2015!

If you want to learn more about PCI's Wellness initiative, please contact one of the Team members mentioned above.  Thanks to those who have participated in the programs sponsored by PCI.  We hope to make a positive impact on your own Wellness activities.

Below are some photos from the luncheon.

wendy paul

line group



We look forward to Wendy and her team's next challenge!

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