PCI History

Formed in August 1981, we began marketing the first personal computers available (IBM XT, Atari, and Commodore) to home users from a small store front on Bailey Avenue. Our goal was to put a PC into every home throughout Western New York. We quickly realized that this would not sustain our business and realigned ourselves to focus our efforts on medium size organizations.

The management team that exists today was formulated in the mid 1980’s and the change from a product-based organization to services-based organization had begun. Between 1985 and 1992, we focused our efforts on “core clients” . . . those who would help us to grow by making a commitment of maintaining an ongoing services and support relationship. In 1988 we relocated to our current downtown location at 703 Washington Street and continued our emphasis of providing services complimented by product offerings to the WNY business community.

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PCI History

Our expansion continued into 1991, where we acquired additional space at 693 Main Street to house our newly formed Support Services Group, consisting of integration specialists, our Help Desk and Services Departments. Tragically, that facility sustained heavy damage during a fire in the strip of buildings on the property which now hosts a Buffalo Police Precinct. Not to be deterred, we quickly sought temporary space and didn’t miss a beat; we remained open for business the next day.

1993 through 1997 allowed us to refine our strategic direction to focus and grow in the areas of network support by expanding service offerings and providing technically innovative solutions to our clients. Service certifications and product authorizations were achieved from every major distributor within the IT Industry.

Our Evolution

Our evolution of technical expertise continued as well as our diversification into the non traditional computer markets thus strengthening our position as an industry leader. In 1998, we launched Centralized Systems Management, providing managed data center services out of our downtown Buffalo location.

The advent of Y2K and changing business attitudes in the Western New York community gave PCI an opportunity once again to re-focus and strategically plan for the future. We found ourselves becoming more integrated into our clients’ Information Technology Departments and worked with them on a daily basis to meet their business needs and objectives.

Meanwhile, housing client's servers and critical components at PCI's downtown Data Center proved successful. In 2001 we opened a new state of the art Data Center in Amherst, New York allowing us to manage, service and administer a client's network environment from our own facility while allowing them to focus on their core competencies. By the end of the decade, our Data Centers were providing redundant services to our clients housed in them.

Our managed service approach, whether it is on a proactive or reactive basis, whether it is provided from our Data Centers or from a client’s location, continues to be the foundation of our business. Our success continues to be the result of PCI’s ability to successfully deliver a solution.

Currently, PCI employs more than 100 full time staff providing numerous services to a wide variety of clients throughout and beyond WNY. As the IT Industry continues to evolve all of us at PCI look forward to the opportunity and challenges that will result. As an organization, we take great pride in our long term relationships- with our employees and our clients. We look forward to the future with excitement and promise!