PCI Business Principles & Philosophy

PCI's Information Technology business principles and philosophies make PCI unique. These principles have proven successful, and are pointing the way for the future as we enter into new business areas that allow us to better serve our Core Clients.

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Core Clients

For years PCI has been guided by one basic principle – Total focus on our Core Clients. This concept, above any other single objective, has proven to be the cornerstone of our success. Most companies consistently look to new customers for their new business. At PCI, with our Core Client philosophy our new business is servicing & developing our Core Client partner relationships.

Leading through Innovation

PCI prides itself on its technology and business leadership. By fully understanding our clients' businesses and business processes, PCI adds value by developing IT solutions that are original and innovative. We review the current business issues and develop well thought out business and technology solutions adding IT methodologies to drive down the Total Cost of Ownership for our clients. Our solutions go right to the heart of business problems that are designed to employ common sense best practice methodologies and maximize technology to solve those problems.

Focus on the Individual

PCI has always focused on the individual, both internal and external. We recognize that our true business success comes from having developed and maintaining long term relationships with both our clients and our internal professionals. We understand that organizations are much stronger if they can employ the power of strong teams working together toward a common goal. At PCI we develop Core Client project teams to enhance the solutions that we have developed.

Ownership Involvement & Commitment

PCI ownership and senior level management have been in place since 1985. PCI’s owners are "hands-on" and involved in the day-to-day management of the business. Our ownership is committed to the long term strategic direction and development of PCI. As a result of their involvement, PCI can effect change quickly and decisively. We feel that one of PCI’s many assets is the availability and involvement of our owners.

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