Your data is backed up daily. That’s the plan, anyway. It’s somebody’s job to make sure your data is safe and retrievable in the event of a failure. That may be the plan but it may not be what’s actually happening. First, the daily backup may not be happening daily.Second, the tape system you rely on may not be reliable. Tapes are old technology. They can fail. Data that you think is safe is sometimes not even there. Automatic remote backup has a much better ‘memory.’ It never forgets to back up your data and it always knows where your data is. Automation keeps it simple for you, and pciVault keeps it safe and ready to retrieve.

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pciVault - Remote Backup

Is your data backup keeping you up at night?
With pciVault, our remote backup solution, you can rest easy knowing the data you rely on is going to be there when you need it most. In today's information-based world, you simply cannot afford to leave the integrity of your data to chance. Current backup methods, such as tape media, do not offer the kind of assurance that pciVault can. You no longer have to wonder if your IT personnel remembered to change the tape, or if the tape is worn out, or if all the data was backed up. With pciVault, your data is safe, secure, and available to you when needed.

Automation makes it easy
The burden of the daily tape backup process is removed from your IT staff with pciVault. Each evening your data will automatically be transmitted over an encrypted Internet connection to our high-security environment data center. Your data is immediately off-site which is one of the primary goals of an effective backup system. PCI will receive a report the next morning showing that all the data was stored, confirming that it will be available when you need it. You and your IT staff have enough to do without thinking about your data backup. Let pciVault take that problem off your hands.

Secure transmission and storage
PCI understands the concern you may have about transmitting your data over the internet. We implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your location and our data center that employs the same level of encryption as national banks and the U.S. Government. Once your data arrives at our data center, it is stored in our state-of-the-art facility that is monitored 24x7x365. As an additional feature, we offer the option of doing a monthly backup to tape as a way of geographically separating your data even further.

Fast and simple recovery
If you need your data recovered, you don't have time to wait. Just call PCI and one of our dedicated professionals will immediately pull up the file or files you need and send them back over the encrypted VPN. Time spent on file recovery is time you aren't spending on your business. With pciVault, that down time is kept to a minimum.

Professional support
As is always the case, PCI employs nothing but the best in IT personnel. We can work with you to develop a backup solution that best fits your needs. At PCI, we understand how important having your data available to you is to your business.

Why pciVault?

+ Automatic Backups
+ Instant Off-site Storage
+ Data Verification
+ Quick, Easy Recovery
+ Professional IT Support
+ Business Continuity

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