pciCloud Services – pciCloud; private cloud solutions in a dedicated environment

Imagine being able to reap all the benefits of cloud computing without the security challenges of sharing your environment in a public cloud. Now you can safely, reliably and efficiently deploy server virtualization with a regional company, in fully managed Data Centers, with top tier systems. With pciCloud, PCI’s private cloud solution, we offer a more secure, effective and realistic way to deploy server and application virtualization. pciCloud provides the economic benefits of virtualization and the private environment within which to run it.

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pciCloud - Private Cloud

Using our experience building and deploying complex IT infrastructure for dozens of companies, PCI can create a customized private cloud solution using VMware, or Citrix virtualization software and dedicated hardware so that you retain physical control. We secure, monitor and maintain the pciCloud solution in one of our state-of-the-art Data Centers with 24/7/365 support accessible by phone or e-mail.

PCI's Private Cloud solutions can be deployed in three configurations, targeted to meet your specific needs:

IT Platform Cloud. The building block of pciCloud computing solutions providing flexible, scalable computing resources in a trusted security model and highly available configurations.

Disaster Recovery Cloud. pciCloud enabling businesses with existing virtualized infrastructure to flexibly and seamlessly accomplish Disaster Recovery.

High Security Cloud. pciCloud built on industry best practice to ensure the protection of sensitive data for customers requiring PCI, HIPAA or other security compliance.