Disaster Recovery

When a major catastrophe threatens your business, you don’t need more uncertainty. When disaster strikes your critical data and applications, your focus needs to be on moving beyond it. That’s easy to do when you have Disaster Recovery with PCI.

Rapid recovery allows for the least amount of downtime. The recovery methods we’ve perfected and the technology we’ve invested in minimize the fingerprints of disaster on your data. You may still have recovery issues, but they will be signifi cantly more manageable.

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PCI offers the most robust Disaster Recovery options in the Western New York region, ensuring 24/7/365 uptime for your critical data and applications.

We provide a single source for all the services and resources necessary to reliably deploy every layer of Disaster Recovery operations. With over 15 years of experience in providing Data Center services, our unique combination of resources and capabilities makes PCI the perfect partner for Disaster Recovery. Clients around the region have found us to be:


PCI offers peace of mind when it comes to your data and applications. Through our experience, support, and proven methodology, you want PCI on your side when things don’t go as planned.

PCI’s Disaster Recovery options are backed by our professional support. Few companies have the ability to offer
hands-on support for their Disaster Recovery clients. In fact, many won’t even touch your equipment. We view things differently. PCI’s Disaster Recovery services allow for experienced engineers, which offer 24/7/365 support. We can help with anything and everything including monitoring and updating systems.

Our support engineers are available on-site, on-call, and on-demand. Your data and applications are our priority when you utilize PCI’s Disaster Recovery services.

PCI prefers to show what your investment brings. That’s why we plan, implement, and test your unique Disaster Recovery environment. Understanding the process, and seeing your data conceptually recovered and restored offers peace of mind and confidence that PCI can deliver your data and applications when you need them the most.

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The privacy that pciCloud gives you:

+ Reliability

Systems that are consistently available to you.

+ Flexibility

A variety of ways to structure your most ideal solution.

+ Change This

Private cloud computing without the threat of the public cloud.