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Cloud Roadmap Part 4: Essentials in Cloud Migration

As we continue into part four of our cloud migration timeline, let us take the time to look back at the first 3 stages of your potential new cloud environment. Stage one was all about assessing your companies’ goals and initiatives based around a new cloud strategy. Stage two was built around determining the strategic … Continued

Cloud Roadmap Part 2: Strategy & Direction

We’ve continued to discuss the benefits of migrating your business to the cloud.  Security, compatibility, flexibility and cost are four of the contributing factors that lead to the decision of migrating to the cloud. In step one of the cloud roadmap we discussed taking the first step in the process of a successful cloud strategy. … Continued

Cloud Roadmap Part 1: The Questions that lead to a Successful Cloud Strategy

Technology is liquid, it’s dynamic and ever-changing. It is important that your enterprise stay ahead of the changes to facilitate your operations. In 2019, we expect to see even more changes, particularly the shift away from corporate data centers. Gartner has already suggested an actual date in which corporate data centers will be close extinct. … Continued

The 4 Components of Any Successful Hybrid Cloud Model

A hybrid cloud model is a combination of the public and private cloud, essentially taking the best of both and making it work for your business. Just like any other technology or advancement, cloud-based computing has its benefits and its drawbacks. The appropriate solution is probably not one-dimensional, implementing a hybrid cloud model could be … Continued

What is the Value of IT? Optimizing Your IT Spend

For most business executives, IT is likely the least of your worries. However, are your IT professionals delivering the highest value? Are your IT functions aligned with your business objectives? Can Your IT department accomplish all your IT needs on your current IT budget and maintain continuous improvement? Increasing the value of your dollar is … Continued